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Readings / Healings


Trauma/Past life Regression sessions are performed on a body work table where we will begin with gentle cranial bodywork to relax and balance your body and open up your subconscious to accessing stored memories and information. After Shara does a brief intake to figure out specific areas of your life you would like to heal, you will be guided through a process of releasing and healing memories and traumas which are stored in your body at a cellular level. This process will have an immediate impact upon everything from your state of health, relationship with a loved one, financial abundance, and career.



Psychic Sessions are performed by video or phone call, or in person. To prepare for a the session, I suggest you sit in a comfortable chair with low back support and both of your feet flat supported on the floor or a surface beneath of you. Have a glass of water by your side, for the healing energy will enter into the water, and I suggest you drink it upon the sessions end. You might also want to either take notes or record the session. If you do record it, when you re-listen to it, you will receive another healing.

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