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Personal Coaching 

If it’s taking your career to the next level, motherhood, or attracting an extraordinary love or anything else that will create excitement and ease in your life, I am committed to helping you to get there. 

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Energy Readings

Gain information on loved ones passed over, job opportunities, health related issues, or simply what’s blocking you from being your fullest and best self. All of my readings involve a powerful energy clearing & healing as well.  Results are instantaneous and you will feel an immediate shift following our sessions.  Book a single session now for only $150! 


Feldenkrais Somatics

Together in these relaxing and restorative gentle “hands-on” body work sessions, we will release unconscious patterns and habits of movement. Significant pain relief and spinal alignment is experienced at the end of most every session, as well as a sense of lightness and ease.

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“My life has already gotten so much better as I experience new peace of mind, clarity and freedom that I didn't even know were missing! My business, my relationship with my daughter all have improved since working with Shara.” — LORI MCDANIELS 2019

“Shara was able to quickly see what was going on in my business & in my life &, give me great insight and clear a whole bunch of stagnant, uncomfortable energy out! I felt the clearing right away. Shara is someone I will return to for this kind of sensitive, powerful support!” — URSULA F. 2019

Mind, Body, Spirit

All of our emotions and life experiences are stored in our bodies at a cellular level.  My work as a holistic practitioner goes deep into the root of issues, releasing them on all levels, body, mind, and spirit.



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