Preview of Shara's Fitness for Life

The exercises in this video precisely target muscles which will help you to stand and sit taller and have more strength, energy, and liveliness to get you through your busy day.  Required equipment: Fitness Ball, 1-10# weights are optional. You can use 2 water bottles as weights.

Preview of Comfort for Life

In this approximately 35 min lesson you will be verbally guided through a series of movement sequences that will help you to ease tightness & tension throughout your body, ease pain and anxiety, and find more inner peace and alignment. No prior experience is needed.

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Comfort for Life - $20

Two 30 minute lessons of relaxing and enjoyable movement sequences  specifically designed to ease neck, back, and arm pain.   You will be gently guided through small and simple movement sequences, incorporating the Feldenkrais method of somatic healing, with a strong emphasis on awareness.  Calm, nurturing and relaxing meditative music, included in part 1 will aide in your relaxation and healing.

Get started on your path to good health, healing and weight loss today.

Fitness for Life - $20

This exercise video is a fun and enjoyable way to lose weight, increase your strength, cardiovascular fitness and significantly improve your posture. Designed for office workers, busy professionals, moms and anyone who wants to get into better shape.  Those who are recovering from neck, back, or RSI (repetitive strain injury) pain will also experience the benefits of this video.

In just 2 weeks after doing this 40 minutes videos 3 times/wk you will stand considerable taller, slouch less when you sit, and gain a considerable amount of Strength, Flexibility and endurance.  Enjoy a gentle 8 min aerobic warm up,  a full body strength exercise routine, cool down with stretching and breathing exercises.

Chronic Pain Treatment - $20
Now available in MP4!

This DVD contains three gentle and relaxing Feldenkrais movement lessons.
The Feldenkrais method is an ingenious way to help people of any age or condition to learn to move more comfortably and effectively.  Through the Feldenkrais Method, you can learn to relieve pain, enhance flexibility, and recover from physical or emotional stress.  Emphasis is on awareness, effortless movement and comfort. (Each lesson lasts approximately 30 min).

• Two guided meditations to assist you in letting go of the hidden beliefs and behavior patterns that may be interfering with your healing process.

• One guided demonstration to teach a caregiver how to provide hands on healing touch.  These techniques are effecting in easing another’s pain, anxiety and discomfort.

All the lessons in this series are geared to get to the root of your long standing pain and break unwanted habits and patterns. Expect to feel lighter, happier and more pain free!

Easing Shoulder, Neck, & Back Pain - $20
Now available in MP4!

In each of these lessons you will be verbally guided through gentle and relaxing movement sequences incorporating the Feldenkrais method of somatic healing as well as some of the most effective techniques used by Occupational and Physical Therapists today. 

Each of these lessons focuses on normalizing the glide and movement of your shoulder blades, ribs and clavicle, and stretching out the nerves, muscles and tendons that stem from your neck and shoulders.  

These lessons are extremely effective at eliminating and preventing overuse injuries and helping your arms to become better integrated with the rest of you.  The result of making these changes is long term pain relief.