A 90 day program to releasing hidden barriers to love & becoming Magnetic to all that you want!

This program is for the driven and well-versed woman who has had success in one or more areas of her life yet wants to take the bold next step to having it all. Be it in the area of love, finances, purpose driven work, or inner contentment.

After all, why should you settle for anything less? You are an amazing woman after all who deserves the best.

The reason you don’t have what you want right now is due to patterns that run deep in the subconscious. Patterns that have likely been there for most if not all of your life.

In my work as an intuitive as well as three decades of my own interpersonal work, I have learned that there is lots that can be done to break such patterns and step fully into the live of our choosing. We live in a law of attraction universe meaning what we think, see, and hear is what then becomes our reality. It depicts what you attract and what you repel. And what circumstances you draw your way.

In this program, we will do powerful work to alter the cellular matrix and neurology of who you are so you can step more fully into who you wish to become.

I invite you to join with me and a very small and select group of woman on this sacred manifestation journey towards magnetically attracting all that you want.


Stage I - Clearing the Path

The 1st half of the 90 day program will deal with clearing out.

  • Clearing family imprints, karmic patterns & beliefs that are no longer serving us.

  • Space & clutter clearing

  • Discover & shift patterns that are getting in the way of us attracting what we want.

  • 21 day detox of the body, home, and spirit.

When you get to the other side, expect to experience weight loss of 5-10#, enhanced physical energy, renewed radiance and vitality, and more peace and happiness in the comfort of your own home.


Stage II - Walking the Path - (bi-weekly)

The 2nd half of the 90 day program will deal with calling in more powerfully what you want.

  • This is where you will begin noticing a shift in the people and experiences you now attract!

  • In this phase, you may feel a slight burst of energy, more openness in your heart, and more expansion and clarity of your voice.

  • We will play more, laugh more, reconnect with our turn on, passion, sex & desire.

  • In this phase we will continue to lean into growing ourselves beyond the person we have been to attract and sustain the love we are committed to creating.

 ** If you'd like to watch a nine-minute video on my love story and why so many people have asked me to run this course, please check out this video-'Path To Love.'

You can sign up for this program for as little as $333/month.

Please email me directly to request an application and to discuss enrollment options.

This program is guaranteed to shift your vibration for a lifetime!

Program Includes:

  • Level I Reiki attunement - to align your 7 major chakras and raise your vibrational frequency ($350 value)

  • 7 two hr group sessions (INVALUABLE)

  • Free passes to the monthly Abundance classes ($140 value)

  • Weekly emails with the next level of instructions, guidance, and inspiration.

  • Our own private forum for sharing stories, breakthroughs, and asking questions. I will answer any and all questions there. You will have my full support 24/7.

  • My full 24/7 support, and an opportunity for deep nourishing sisterhood and friendships to last a lifetime.


The general schedule for each week is listed below, yet do know, each week builds upon the last. You will be given assignments to do in between each meeting with the last two meetings spaced two to three weeks apart to give you ample time to spaciously reflect, integrate, and put timely thought into the final completion projects. We will Record each of the weeks in case you miss a class.

Schedule-Beginning March 24th

Plan for approx. 2 hrs each class unless otherwise specified.  You will have journaling assignments to complete in between each session.

Wk 1 - Introductions/Intentions/Looking at patterns and why/how we attracted them/Preparation for Cleanse

`Wed March 27th - Abundance of Energy Class (optional) 6:30-9PM Hayes Valley

Wk 2 - Family systems/ Family Constellation

Wk 3 - Healing limiting Beliefs

Wk 4 - Sacred Reiki attunements/ Ceremony/ Reiki (Plan 4 hrs in Sausalito) 
-21 day cleanse begins immediately after

Wk 5 - Cleanse wk 1 check in/ Clutter Clearing/ Chakras 3-5 (90 min phone)

Wk 6 - Cleanse wk 2 check in/ introduction to chakras 5-7 (90 min phone)

Wk 7 - Completion & "Letting go" Ceremony, Realignment of chakras assessment/ Introduction to last assignment

Wk 8 - Desire, Sexuality & Body Image -

Wk 9 - Completion Ceremony, Sharing of Manifesto

Be prepared to connect with a supportive and fabulous group of ladies who will aid your journey. This is a period of time where the bond of feminine sisterhood is so crucial, powerful and rich towards our own development!!!

Recommended Reading:  All available from Library!

1. Essential Reiki - Diane Stein
2.Clear your Clutter With Feng Shui - Karen, Kingston
3. Creating Sacred Space with Fung Shei - Karen, Kingston
4. Calling in the One


"I thank Shara from the depths of my heart for all the growth and transformation I've experienced in working with her.  Her gifts are so rich and varied, and the Path to Love program brought them all together in a way I'd never seen before.  We got to heal energetically, spiritually and emotionally with Shara's guidance, clairvoyance, intuition, Reiki expertise, Feldenkrais, nutritional experietise, spiritual coaching, and her magical way of helping women fall in love with their bodies!  I was able to clear so much "baggage" and raise my vibration to a point where I recently met a man who embodied everything I'd been dreaming of.  The beautiful part is that, whatever happens with him, I love myself profoundly.  Thank you, Shara!"    - Lori 01/2018


Just wanted to share that I definitively feel different. My senses are enhanced and cravings gone. I feel more present and aware. This morning it felt I was reentering the world and had somehow crossed over.     - Diana 03/17


"The Love Manifestation Program has been such an awakening experience on so many levels. Your teachings will always be with me. Most importantly, they have tapped into a new found belief that I am enough, exactly as I am. Flaws and Vulnerabilities.  That's what adds light to the human experience."     - Brittany, 01/2018


Right after the Reiki I experienced sensations I've never had before.  I felt buzzing sensations inside of my body and I was connected and synced up to the world as if I was a little girl again.  

I noticed that I had a lot more energy than usual and was drinking a lot less caffeine.    - Jen, San Francisco 11/14