Feb 16-19th, 2018 at the Mount Madonna Retreat Center

Hosted at the beautiful Mt Madonna Center on 355 acres of peaceful mountain-top redwood forest and grassland. Located between Santa Cruz and Monterey, just 20 minutes from Silicon Valley. Mt Madonna features a spectacular view of all Monterrey Bay. 

The weekend will consist of Feldenkrais® lessons, yoga, laughter, connection, meditation, movement classes, nature, as well as personal and spiritual growth classes.  All classes are optional.  You’ll also have plenty of free time to relax around the retreat center’s natural settings, spend time journaling, hot tubbing or sipping on a cup of tea.

The amazing mountain accommodations range from plush to rustic, and hiking, local vegetarian cuisine, and a whole lot more are on offer. 

What is Feldenkrais?
The Feldenkrais method®, emphasizes the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.  You will be guided through gentle movement sequences which have an extraordinary effect on adapting the nervous system towards its optimal state.  The method is great for easing body aches and pains and helping us to regain clarity, focus, and direction.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is improvised, non-periodic, harmonic, and tonal sound created with the intention of restoring flow and clearing congested energy from the body allowing for the nervous system's natural self-healing process to take place. One can expect to feel physical, emotional, and spiritual shifts occur in an atmosphere of tranquility and meditation.

When we combine Sound Healing and Feldenkrais, some of the results one can expect to feel include:

  • Freeing your body from stiffness, aches and pain.
  • Improved skeletal alignment, flexibility & physical mobility. 
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Decreased anxiety, stress and sleep issues.
  • Improved, strength, agility, and comfort.
  • Improved intuition.

Be prepared to experience a subtle yet amazing shift inside in this environment of ease and pleasure. 

We welcome all levels of experience.

Please see video & images below from our last Mt Madonna retreat.

To Register:
Retreat fees are per-person and include beautiful resort accommodations, use of all facilities, workshop/classes with Shara, yoga classes, vegetarian meals featuring local ingredients, and peaceful spaciousness to support your journey.

Pay via:

Venmo: https://venmo.com/ to Shara Ogin

Paypal: Sharaogin@gmail.com.  Please add a 2.9% surcharge to Paypal payments if sent through "Purchasing Services."  If you'd prefer me to send you a link to pay with, I'd be happy to do so!

Check: Please make checks out to:  Shara Ogin, 49 Zoe St #1.  San Francisco, CA 94107


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Shara Ogin started her profession as an occupational therapist in 1994.  Since then, she has focused on a career with a holistic approach integrating Feldenkrais, Clairvoyance and Life coaching, helping people to live more conscious and aligned lives, consistent with their purpose and the truth of whom they are. 

Shara is the author of 4 videos on fitness and pain management techniques, 1 Feldenkrais CD, and 1 book called "The Quick Guide to Easing Pain, in the work place & beyond."  She is working on her next book with a more metaphysical perspective about the mind/body and its relationship to our pain states.   


Jordan Blake, also known as Alī Antána, creates multi-dimensional sound journeys with sacred instruments such as crystal singing bowls, handpan, and Native American flute. His voice and presence open portals to unknown dimensions within the self. Alī regularly performs sound medicine ceremonies in the Bay Area with the Human Light Ship, a sound healing collective. He is also the founder and caretaker of the Orion Sound Healing Center, San Francisco's premier Crystal Tones® singing bowl temple.


"Since this retreat, I can proactively manage any back, neck or shoulder pain before it becomes chronic.  Shara’s natural and intuitive style pin points how to refine your body’s movements and awareness to enable healthier pain free living."    (Dan, Mtn View, Financial Mgr.)

"A really magical, beautiful weekend.  Great overall concept with great people and an intentional healing setting.  I'm already noticing the physical differences from the Feldenkrais."

"Wow. My right shoulder has never been so relaxed and lowered.  That hand Feldenkrais lesson was amazing.  Feldenkrais is amazing."  (Rebecca from Switzerland, Science Research Student.)


Rates: Feb 16-19th, 2018 at the Mount Madonna Retreat Center

Pricing includes vegetarian meals, all classes, and use of all general facilities including hot tub, hiking trails, ball courts, small lake for swimming, & 3 nights lodging.

Housing Type (prices per person)

(Early bird Rates listed.  Prices to increase $25 on Nov 1st, $25 on Dec 1st, and $25 on Feb. 1st.)
Day Pass - $125

Own Van - $490

Dormitory (4-5 per room) - $590

Triple (3 to a room) - $620

Double (2 to a room or cabin)- $670

Double with Bath - $705

Single (1 to a room or cabin) - $770

Single with Bath - $860

*Please pay a deposit of $250 to hold your slot.  This Retreat will likely fill up.  Full amount due 30 days prior to retreat.

 *Retreat begins at 4:00 pm on Fri Feb 17th.  Ends Mon Feb 20th at approximately noon.
*With the exception of van & single room options, please leave your 1st and 2nd choice and we'll do our best to accommodate your room preferences.

*Non-gluten and non-dairy options are available at every meal.
*Delicious Indian chai (caffeinated black tea with milk and spices) will be available at each breakfast.
*Towel is not included.  All bedding linens are included (except if camping).
*Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion available in shower facilities.  
*Yoga mats will be provided.



Retreat Schedule
(All classes held in the Orchard Room unless noted otherwise)
Hanuman Temple-daily Arati (celebration of light) 6:30am and 6:00pm.

Sunday Feb 18th
7:30-8:30 - Yoga/movement class
8:30-9:30 - Breakfast                   (Community Building far east)
9:30-10:00 - Heart meditation/sharing  
10:00-11:00 - Opening Heart Feldenkrais
11-12:30 -  Free time
12:30-1:30 - Lunch
1:30-2:30 - Hand/Finger Feldenkrais lesson
2:30-3:30 Journaling/automatic writing with sound healing
3:30-4:00 - Free time
4:00 - 5:00 Play shop by Jordan
5:00-6:00 - Dinner
7PM - 8PM - Game
After 8Pm- Hot Tubbing & Free Time

Monday Feb 19th
7:00-8:00 - Pranama + Meditation with Mt Madonna staff (Redwood Yoga Room)
8:00-9:00 - Breakfast
9:00-10:00 - “The Eyes” Feldenkrais Lesson
10:30-12: Asana Practice with Mt Madonna
12:00-1:00 -Lunch
1-2:00 -Healing and Completion Circle

Friday Feb 16th
4:00-4:30 - Check in
4:30-5:15 - Feldenkrais lesson
5:15-5:45 - Introductions
5:45-6:30 - Dinner
7:00-7:30 - Orientation
7:30-7:45 - Review of weekend schedule
7:45-8:45 - Sound Healing with Meditation                   

Saturday Feb 17th
7:45-9:45 - Yoga with Mt Madonna Staff
10:00-11:00 - Brunch
11:00-12:00 Feldenkrais foot lesson: connection to earth
12:00-1:30 - Gentle hike outside
1:30-2:00- Snack
2:00-4:00-Free time
4:00-5:00 - Toning & Instrument Play shop by Jordan
5:00-6:00 - Dinner
6:00-7:00 - Optional class
7:00-8:00 - Just Dance Game (optional)