It's not all the years of training, or the wonderful testimonials that qualify me.  Instead, it's my life experiences.  Having lived my entire life with a thick wall around me to hold my pain in and keep others out.   I have now learned to dissolve that wall and the pain of isolation, and commit myself fully to self love.   I have learned how to live a life I am passionate about and wake up every day with enthusiasm and zest.  I too want this evolutionary peak state of love to find you.


Psychic Readings / Intuitive Coaching

More than actually predicting the future, my specialty is helping people to shift the experience of the now which then shifts the experience of the future.  This is key to helping people to manifest the lives they want to live.

Within these sessions I pinpoint the energies and behavior patterns that are blocking you from attaining your goals. Our work together hones in on finding and removing the origins of patterns that no longer serve you.  The body has an ingenious way of revealing that which is ready to be released and removed.

Like layers of an onion, the outer layer of each issue gets peeled away after it is revealed, resulting in you feeling lighter, freer, and brighter..

After my sessions, pain ailments improve, relationships improve or alter, and people begin to feel more the driver of the course of their lives as opposed to victim. Whatever Karma we came into this life with…..being treated unfairly, being misunderstood, being on the outside etc. this is all quite possible to change.

Manifestation Coaching 

I have taken years of all the brightest and finest information and condensed them into a 12 wk manifestation coaching program.  I have put them all to the test and currently have manifested everything I want.   And, many of my clients are well on their way.   The program focuses an all major aspects of life including finances & career, health & wellness, relationships and love, passion & purpose, past life karma, and family.

This program is for those who truly want to break through any stagnate or recurrent patterns in their lives and step into creating the life they truly want.  It is recommended that people have done a fair amount of deep inter-personal work prior.

Throughout the duration of our work together, I hold you in my intention, giving you intermittent healings as needed.  I also remain available to all my clients via phone, email, or text 24/7.

These sessions are most effective when performed weekly or biweekly, as there is a natural progression that occurs throughout the duration of our work together.   One reason this form of coaching is so effective is because profound neural shifts occur following each session. Hidden in the deep under layers of our subconscious is where our unwanted habits form, negative thoughts are created, and belief patterns reside. 

This work also combines well with the Feldenkrais somatic body work sessions as they both result in significant neural reprogramming.  The coaching/readings on the mental and spiritual level, and the Feldenkrais on the physical body level.  Through both methods physical pain and structural issues improve (if not resolve).  It’s truly amazing to witness such a shift!

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About our Sessions

As your life coach, I create a safe space where you can connect to your passion, clarify your vision, and begin taking the necessary steps to start living the life you want.

I utilize my own life experiences, Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  three years of coaching training, clairvoyant schooling, and Positive Applied Psychology to help reprogram your limited assumptions and the beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from reaching your goals and dreams. 

The results from our work together are often instant: Clearer communication with yourself, gained insights into systemic behavior patterns, illuminated ‘blind spots’ towards healing and abundance, cleared energy in mind and body, and an improved physical spinal alignment and healing from pain.  Many people have also found relief from heart break, grief and a variety of stressful life situations.

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I have been glowing from your healing for months!

I had a fantastic healing from you on my fifth chakra.    It really helped me to have the most fantastic family reunion with 27 people for a week at my moms house.  Everybody in harmony and having fun and no no big drama for the first time ever.  I was fearing going home before this healing.    I have been glowing from your healing for months. 
- Rev Pauli Rose, 2015

My sessions have been deeply cleansing and healing.

I never would have thought that I had so much to clear up and clean up, and Shara makes it so graceful and simple. I'm also grateful that I can reach out to her with questions or get extra support if I really need it and boy does she deliver.  My life has already gotten so much better as I experience new peace of mind, clarity and freedom that I didn't even know were missing!
- Lori M, 2016

I feel transformed by even a one hour session.

I felt pain in my heart that I didn't know was there, and you transformed that pain into a deep understanding of my life.  In the few days since your reading of me, I am feeling/thinking/knowing reverberations of your words into self-understandings that are gigantic and fast moving. 

- Randall Baird, Minister/Business Consultant, 2015