A 3 month, 3 stage program to releasing hidden barriers to love & becoming Magnetic to your Soulmate.

This program is the right fit for you if you are ready to prioritize your love life. 

Why should you settle for anything less than deep love, passion and someone who meets you on all levels? Enough trying to figure out how to meet someone and wondering why past (or current) relationships just aren't quite working out. 

I promise you that Love WILL find you when your soul is ready.  Fortunately, there are things you can do right NOW to expedite the process of readying your soul.

If you are already in partnership yet would like to rekindle the flame of your love, the same wisdoms will apply.

I invite you to take this magical journey with us towards self love and magnetically attracting the partner of your dreams.


Pricing Includes:

  • Level I Reiki attunement ($150 value)
  • 1:1 Reading/Healing ($250 value)
  • 10 two hr group session
  • 1-2 home cooked light dinner
  • weekly emails with the next level of instruction
  • a facebook group
  • A healing/full moon ceremony at Ocean Beach
  • My full 24/7 support, and an opportunity for deep nourishing sisterhood and friendships to last a lifetime. (Easily valued at $2,500)


$1500 - 12 wk program (includes one 1 hr private reading)
$1,295-Early bird Pricing (if deposit paid by Feb. 15th)

$100 - Optional for each additional intuitive readings/coaching sessions.
originally valued at $250 each.  I Recommend 1 reading per month to expedite the manifestation process and remove any hidden blocks. (Can be used 30 days prior to start of program)


 This program is guaranteed to shift your vibration for a lifetime!

Sign up by sending payment via Venmo or Paypal to sharaogin@gmail.com. 

For other means of payment and for questions email sharaogin@gmail.com.

*This program is valued at $5000+ yet I decided to make this price super affordable so all woman could have access to it!

**Payment Plans & Scholarship options available.upon request

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We may kick off this amazing journey with a bonfire at Ocean Beach under the magical Oct full moon (Thurs. Oct 5th). 

Here we will receive Reiki attunements, and partake in a magical sharing & healing woman's circle of love.

Following this, we will meet weekly on a Tues or Wed eve. (in person, Skype, or Face time).

Frequent emails provide the next level of instructions, guidance and inspiration.

A Cleanse Buddy will provide support & accountability to help ensure your success throughout the program.

A supportive group of like minded fabulous ladies to aid your journey.  This is a period of time where the bond of feminine sisterhood is so crucial, powerful and rich towards our own development.

A private Facebook group for sharing stories, breakthroughs, and asking questions. Shara will answer any and all questions there. You will have her full support.


Stage II -  Clearing the Path

The 21 day detox will be the most intense part of the program. You will be fully supported from start to finish.  This Phase will begin on Oct. 5th following the Full Moon Healing circle.

This Phase will include:

  • Clutter / space clearing
  • Anti-inflammatory / toxin free diet for the 21 days
  • Reiki Attunement level 1 (optional)- A Subtle energy body cleanse of the 7 chakra system

Stick with it for 21 days and here’s what you can expect when you get to the other side:

  • Weight Loss of 5-10 Pounds
  • Enhanced Physical Energy
  • Increased Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Renewed Radiance and Vitality
  • More peace and happiness in the comfort of your own home
  • An energetic space prepared in your home for Mr. Right to now enter




Stage I - Envisioning the Path

This is where you will begin noticing a shift in the people and experiences you now attract!

  • Clearing family imprints & beliefs that are no longer serving us.
  • Discover & shift patterns that we are doing that are getting in the way of us attracting what we want.
  • We will learn basic psychic tools and Meditation techniques to aid your process.





** If you'd like to watch a nine-minute video on my love story and why so many people have asked me to run this course, please check out this video-'Path To Love.'

    Stage III - Walking the Path - (bi-weekly)

    • Love abounds in you, on you, and all around. 
    • In this phase, you may feel a slight burst of energy, more openness in your heart, and more expansion and clarity of your voice.  
    • We will play more, laugh more, reconnect with our turn on, passion, sex & desire.
    • In this phase we will continue to lean into growing ourselves beyond the person we have been to attract and sustain the love we are committed to creating. 
    • In this stage we will reclaim lost parts of ourselves and realign fully with whom we truly are. 
    • Balancing the masculine and feminine and cleaning out our feminine organs.
    • Reclaiming love for our physical bodies.
    • From Ordinary to Extraordinary-Steps to claim an Extraordinary Evolutionary Relationship.


    Just wanted to share that I definitively feel different. My senses are enhanced and cravings gone. I feel more present and aware. This morning it felt I was reentering the world and had somehow crossed over.     - Diana 03/17

    I found the cleanse to be extremely helpful, especially because it included information about nutrition and the body, as well as guidance on my emotional & spiritual connection. I was surprised by how many of my own blockages I was able to work through, and I came out of the cleanse with a deepened sense of self-awareness and clarity, as well as more motivation and energy.  

    - Aurora, San Francisco 01/15.

    Right after the Reiki I experienced sensations I've never had before.  I felt buzzing sensations inside of my body and I was connected and synced up to the world as if I was a little girl again.  

    I noticed that I had a lot more energy than usual and was drinking a lot less caffeine.    

    - Jen, San Francisco 11/14. 

    Hello, World!