Shara provides personalized intuitive coaching and hands-on somatic healing (Feldenkrais) to help you clear away the pain and patterns that stand in the way of you having it all. 


I'm so excited to share my newly released book with you!  Hot off the press!


Now offering Corporate Wellness Programs & Personalized 1:1 rejuvenating retreats.



Personal Coaching, Feldenkrais & Healing

Individual Programs include The Feldenkrais Method - an effective means to improve posture, alleviate pain, and increase your awareness of your internal word and sensations. The method has an immediate effect on the nervous system. Balance, posture, and mental state all improve. 

Shara incorporates coaching and intuitive healing into her pain management treatments. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Applied Psychology and Clairvoyance are drawn upon to help reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent people from reaching their goals and and dreams.

Weekend retreats are also occasionally offered. 

Corporate Programs and Presentations

For your keynote or wellness groups, Shara offers excellent and informative corporate presentations, and customized sessions and presentations to reflect the specific needs of the company and the individual employees. 

Shara's ergonomic assessments & educational seminars help create happier work environments and relationships, reduce health care costs, improve safety, make employees more efficient and effective, and are a valued benefit for any team.

Company Retreats - Customized retreats aid in community building, refocusing and realigning with the business strategy and psychology you need for your job today. 

About Shara


Shara Ogin is a Transformational Life Coach, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Occupational Therapist. She has spent most of her adult career working in the medical field helping people become pain free. She is focused on transforming people's lives and clearing away emotional, mental and spiritual blocks that stand in the way of people living their best lives.

Shara creates a safe space for clients to connect to their passion, clarify their vision, and take the necessary steps to creating the life they want.

Shara is the author of three Feldenkrais DVD's, a fitness video, and a soon-to-be released book on the mind/body connection.


Shara's touch is amazing. I have never enjoyed massage much but this is different. Shara asked me to walk for her and pointed out inconsistencies with my gait. Then she touched me for an hour. It felt unbelievable and afterwards my body felt lighter and all the pain in my lower back is gone. Sign me up again. 
- Ali G, San Francisco