At the seat of our souls, core to all of our ambition and desire lies our heart.    The heart is the center of our love, compassion, forgiveness and inner peace.

In this 2.5 hr class presented by Shara Ogin (a Feldenkrais practitioner and intuitive life coach) we will perform a series of Feldenkrais lessons that will help us to open our hearts and connect more deeply with our bodies.

This class will focus on the shoulder/neck complex and it’s integral connection to the rest of you.  If you are experiencing any pain, you might find it improve or resolve throughout the class.

The Feldenkrais method emphasizes the connection between the mind, body, and spirit.  Though gentle, relaxing, non-impactful movement sequences along with inspirational meditation, you will leave the day standing straighter and taller and with your shoulders falling back behind your chest, hence allowing you to lead with your heart as you walk forward into the world.
Think of Feldenkrais as meditation with movement!
As we radiate more love out into the world, the world can’t help but smile back.  And with that, only magical shifts can follow.  

Sat Oct 7th

Willow Glen Yoga Studio
1188 Lincoln Ave, San Jose

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