Corporate Presentations:

For your keynote or wellness groups, Shara offers excellent and informative corporate presentations.

Shara customizes her sessions and presentations to reflect the specific needs of the company and the individual employees. 

Optimize comfort, safety, and efficiency in the workplace (& beyond)!


  • Reduce worker's comp claims and healthcare costs
  • Prevent work place injuries & learn what to do if you are experiencing pain
  • Improve workplace efficiency
  • Optimize workplace communication & team building
  • Improve the overall work atmosphere and state of motivation and happiness for the individual employee.

With a background as an Occupational Therapist & Ergonomist, Shara specializes in repetitive strain and computer related injuries. She has an expert understanding of the causes of work related injuries and how to alleviate and prevent them.  Improve sitting, improve comfort, optimize your employee’s focus and motivation.


Clients have more comfort with sitting and standing following Shara's Presentations which science has proven to optimize workplace efficiency.

Through guided movements and body awareness, incorporating somatic techniques, Shara makes her teachings even more interactive and rich.  People leave with a more embodied experience of how to gain more comfort and focus throughout the work day.

Shara's guarentee is that all the participants WILL leave with more comfort and ease in their body.

Company Retreats

The mind/body connection plays an integral part in optimal learning.  With the intention of community building, refocusing and realigning with the business strategy and psychology you need for your job today.  This offering combines well with any professional program you have already instated.

Fill out form on right for more information.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will custom design a program for you.


Please reach out to me via the form on this page to discuss personalizing a presentation for your team, or even a retreat. Pricing will depend on length of presentation.