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Shara works as a manifestation coach, feldenkrais practitioner, & intuitive healer. Helping people to reprogram limiting beliefs and behaviors that stand in the way of accomplishing their goals and dreams. Also she has over 25 years experience working with people’s pain and physical body issues.

It was life-changing. I could not believe how differently I walked the next day—instead of walking like a robot, I actually had limbs that sweetly swung from their sockets (Anne, San Jose, 2018). 

Coaching/Feldenkrais combo
My session with Shara was incredible. She has a gift in diagnosing the key issues and works patiently with you to aid in getting you back to balance. My Feldenkrais treatment with her, left me feeling relaxed, at ease and 10 years younger! With one session, I was energized and calm. She was extremely accurate with the psychic reading as well. She was quickly able to see what was in the way and suggested an actionable & simple plan that can aid in my well being. A visit with her is well worth it!

- Gautam, San Francisco

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