12 Signs that you are READY to meet your Soul-mate

In my Intuitive coaching practice, I have developed a unique ability to see precisely what is blocking a woman from finding love as well as the 12 Signs I see when a woman is ready to meet her soul mate.

You see, what women don’t realize is that when their soul & body is completely in alignment and ready for partnership, love will magnetically find her. It’s not what we “do” to attract love that matters, it’s who we become.….read more

To find out what’s blocking you from finding love and to attract him your way, email shara at sharaogin@gmail.com

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Tips for Relaxing the Eyes/Easing Headaches

Common in computer workers is eye strain. Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time is extremely tiring on the eyes.

Also, long hours in front of the monitor may narrow your visual field and cause you to block out the world around you…Read More:
For more info please see Shara’s Book, A Quick Guide to Easing Pain, in the Workplace & Beyond.

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10 Secrets to going 9 Months of Pregnancy Pain Free

Attempting to get pregnant after the age of 40 can be quite discouraging. Doctors and other health care staff may caution you against it and receipt the long list of red flags you may face (as mine did). And people often claim that aging itself is to blame for the increased amount of body aches and pains even without child!

I’m am now 2 days shy of being 40 weeks pregnant, and happy to say I’m free of pain at age 46. ….Cont Reading.

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A Gentle Alternative to Alleviating Pain

Do you struggle with that old back or neck pain that just won’t go away?
Or difficulty sleeping at night due to pain or insomnia?

If so, you must discover Feldenkrais! You see, most people by the time they reach adulthood have developed such deeply ingrained habits of holding certain musculature, inhibiting our breath, and walking….. Click Here for full article.

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