Healing of the Ancestors

Healing of the Ancestors

 Imagine walking down the path of your ancestors.

With each turn you discover something that they did, a belief system they had, or an attribute of their physical composition. Perhaps we have inherited our skinny ankles from our father, our judgmental tendencies and pessimism from our grandfather’s lineage on father’s side, and our joy and light humored ness from an aunt. Each new illumination can reflect and untold aspect of yourself.

You are an agglomeration of bits and pieces of each and every one of them. Whether raised by adopted or biological parents (or by someone else), each member of is a part of the intricate web of encoding that makes up every cell of the person whom you are today.

Through cutting edge science, we have now learned that we are not destined to the genes and cellular structure that has been bestowed upon us. Rather, we have the ability to alter our DNA, and step deeper into the reality of whom we were put onto this planet to become.

In this class we will, connect with our ancestors and focus on healing imprints and deep core wounds. As imprints clear, it can have a powerful effect upon improving the state of the mind, body and spirit. This work can powerfully improve your body’s overall health. In other words, as we heal our ancestors we heal ourselves as well as all future generations!

Join Intuitive Coach Shara Ogin for a night of transmission, breakthroughs, healing, and more. Shara is a somatic therapist, intuitive coach, and reiki master with 20 years dedicated in the self-development community.

Location: ALAYA Boutique
1256 9th Ave, San Francisco, California 94122

Date: Mon. Nov. 11th, 2019

Time: 6:45 arrival, 7-9PM Class
Join us! And bring a friend! Bring 2 friends and get in for FREE!
To purchase TIX:

$25 in advance / $30 day of

Paypal to Mackenzie@alayasf.com or ok to pay cash at the door.