Abundance Classes to be held EVERY 2nd & 4th Wed. 6:30-9:00 PM
Mark your Calendar!

March 27th - Attracting Abundance of Energy
April 10th - Attracting Abundance of Positive Beliefs

We invite you to a beautiful sanctuary of a home for this memorable evening.

There is something blocking you from attracting what you want into your life. You may think it's because of the job your in or your situation at work etc. when in reality, what if there was something deeper we could shift within us, to reset our vibrational set point to attracting more money?

We live in a law of attraction universe, so if our insides are aligned with wealth and money coming our way, it has to be so.

Be prepared for the magic that will come your way after attending this class. Everyone in the room will (optionally) receive a healing. You will feel a significant shift in your bodies, minds, and spirits by the end of the evening.

You might experience this shift as an opening or portal directing you one step closer towards your highest or best version of yourself.

Positive intentions, focus and hard work just isn’t enough if you want to break old patterns and step fully into a life of abundance. This class will teach you the short-cuts that Shara has used on hundreds of clients to getting there so you can stop trying to “force” things to come to you.

Join us! Bring 2 friends and get in for FREE!!!

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Early bird-$32.50 Day of Event/door price = $40.00
To purchase a TIX at the early bird rate click HERE:

*Exact location will be shared a few days before the event.


Wed March 27

Time to Spring Clean your Energy!

Every morning, you wake up with a smile and a pep in your step! You are fully engaged with life feeling a meaningful and purpose driven contentment inside. You are living in a state of bliss and joy reaching for the stars!

You have the type of energy people can feel and enjoy from around the world!

You acknowledge your have a chakra system, an auric field and this energetic system aligns with multiple areas of your life including your past, present and future.  

Your energy also connects with your external environment to your relationships, health, work.

Are ready to leave the sluggish feelings of sadness, despair and trauma in the dark and embrace the light of divine love energy?

If yes, join us on a Wednesday evening where Reiki Masters Dr Aymee Coget and Shara Ogin offer group healings and 10 min individual healings in addition to our Attracting Abundance class.

Open your eyes to the energy inside and all around you.


6:30-7 - Meet & Greet
7-7:30 - Class
7:30-8:15 - Individual healings
8:15-8:45 - Group healing