I began my professional career in 1994 working in the medical field as an Occupational Therapist & Ergonomist.  Yet over the decades, after treating 100's of pain patients, my focus has veered towards the mind/body connection & self actualization.   

When I entered into my clairvoyant studies in 2011, I had zero intention to do this work professionally.  I solely wanted to heal my own inner wounding and pain, and the self-doubt and self sabotaging beliefs that plagued me. 

Yet this amazing thing happened.  As my own inner wounds and beliefs started to heal, not only did I begin to manifest EVERYTHING I wanted in life, but my I developed the ability to "see" exactly what was standing in the way of other people having what they wanted.  I began to see precisely what was at the root of people's pain and what was standing in the way of people finding love, purpose, fulfillment and financial abundance.  The more people I read and worked with the faster my abilities grew to remove such blocks and set people on their way towards living the life of their dreams.  This path is synonymous with the path of their soul's truth and intention.

Now, what can be more fulfilling than that?

I'm currently at work on a book which out lines the root cause/belief of each disease or illness, along with insights and step by step methods to heal the pain body.   

At the same time as my ideas continue to birth and grow, so too is a lovely little girl growing inside of me.  I'm so grateful for the gift of life and for my baby soon to be!